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In 2012 – Live Intentionally. Love Abundantly. Give Selflessly.

“To change one’s life: 1. Start immediately. 2. Do it flamboyantly. 3. No exceptions.”― William James

Happy beautiful New Year.

This year I’ve decided I am going to do without New Year resolutions. Instead what I have come up with is a short and easy to remember lifestyle choice. These are the choices I have made for 2012 thus far:

Live intentionally. Love abundantly. Give selflessly.

1. Live intentionally

Have you ever felt like your life was being lived but you were missing from most of the experiences? Well, I choose to live intentionally in 2012. I choose to experience and participate in my own life – every day.

I am reminded of the very memorable scripture in Psalms 118:24, which says “This is the day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.”  Clearly, it is our responsibility to be glad and full of joy about our days. So many days have passed where I had nothing to be glad or joyous about.

In 2012 I choose to intentionally find something to rejoice and be glad about.

Find something every day to be glad and full of joy about.

Find something every day to be glad and full of joy about.

2. Love abundantly.

Do you ever feel like you’re not fully committed to something? Where you take a break but you feel guilty because you have a lot of other tasks to get through? Where you have convinced yourself that you don’t deserve something and therefore end up not accomplishing or enjoying either? I feel that way more often than I care to remember.

So in 2012, I give myself permission to do what I like with all my heart. I choose to intentionally enjoy myself and my choices.

3. Give selflessly.

I have always thought that I was a giving a person. And over the years I have watched myself shift from giving without expecting anything back, to living in bondage. I have fallen into giving to get and giving selfishly. This recording on www.LifeToday.org about The Blessed Life made me realize that.

Have you ever found yourself “applying” the scripture in Luke 6:38*; “give and it shall be given back to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom*” with the sheer goal of expecting something back?

I have become so needy that when I give an offering, I’ve done it expecting to get something back. I have lost the joy of giving and have fallen into resentful giving.

For 2012, I choose to go back to giving selflessly, give without expecting anything back. Now that’s feel-good giving.

What’s your mantra or battle cry for 2012?

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