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Merry Christmas All

This image is from Dash of Martini Photography. I love their Christmas post – Holiday Bliss. Hope your holidays are full of bliss and blessings.

Thank you for reading my ramblings.


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Just Say It!

If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting?” Steven Levine

I read the above in Chicken Soup for the Soul and just thought it was a good one to share at this festive time of the year. Say something to someone special today.

MixHungama.comImage from www.MixHungama.Com

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I’m Not Listening

The voice in my head has been taking up a lot of air play of late, and she’s not very encouraging. I have to make a choice:

1) Do I stop listening, or

2) Do I give her new words to say?

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There is no way that we can shut out our little voice, so my only choice is to give her new words to say back to me. A new focus. A new plan. A new picture.

Any ideas on how I can re-focus? How do you practically pull yourself away from negative thinking or replaying your mishaps?

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Your Dream Is Never Too Big To Be Lived

I was begining to think that maybe, it’s quite possible to have a dream that is too big. My brain had stopped running, no idea was coming and I did for a second there think I was sinking and my work was going down as well.

Then I saw this video. Pia Toscano on Positively Positive.

Your Attitute + Your Choices = Your Life. from Positively Positive.

Your Attitute + Your Choices = Your Life. from Positively Positive.

Now I think maybe a dream is only too big when you stop working at it and give audience to the distractions. People that we might think have failed because they didn’t win the show, or didn’t even make it to the last stage of a competition; guess what, they are actually pursuing and living their dream.

So now I’m pushing forward. I’m stopping only to analyse the situation, come up with another plan of attack, and resume.

Do you ever find yourself leaving your dream at the face of an obstacle? How can you we react differently to challenges?

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