I’m Not Listening

The voice in my head has been taking up a lot of air play of late, and she’s not very encouraging. I have to make a choice:

1) Do I stop listening, or

2) Do I give her new words to say?

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There is no way that we can shut out our little voice, so my only choice is to give her new words to say back to me. A new focus. A new plan. A new picture.

Any ideas on how I can re-focus? How do you practically pull yourself away from negative thinking or replaying your mishaps?

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2 thoughts on “I’m Not Listening

  1. Angela says:

    Get into the thought pattern of “what did i learn from my past mistakes or negative experience”, as opposed to, “yeah remember how i messed up? uh huh.. yeah..I messed up hard”
    Always be a learner..
    It isn’t easy to pull away though because as humans, we naturally sabotage ourselves… it’s going to have to be a paradigm shift… a complete turn around (hahaha i’m not making it easy neh).
    Take it one thought at a time..when it comes, break it down, analyse it, and tell yourself (out loud) the truth, if the thought is a lie.. if the thought is the truth, tell yourself out loud how u are going to change that truth into the truth you want it to be..
    (my two cents) ❤

  2. Una says:

    Funny how as I get older I have to learn to be a learner – which I always thought I was but actually wasn’t. Self-sabotage has been my specialty for ages, so as you say, I have to be a conscious learner – one thought at a time. Thanks Angela. 🙂

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