DO They Know It’s Christmas Time At All?

Do They Know It's Christmas Time At All?

Wire and Beads Christmas Tree - a symbol of Christmas with an African feel.

This post was going to be of the Band Aid song Do they Know it’s Christmas Time At All? But for some reason, I find the lyrics to that song a bit upsetting, mostly because coming from a desert African country that has never experienced snow in my lifetime (I don’t think); my earliest and best memories were of Christmas.

Early Christmas times were when:

1. Family members came together again. The aunt and uncle you haven’t seen in months won’t miss Christmas.

2. No matter how poor you were the rest of the year, at Christmas time the meal was always a little special. Memories of those Christmas day meals would carry you through more than half the next year.

3. Troubles or not, everyone has their happy face on (except maybe the person who hasn’t been playing nice and has been asked to excuse himself)

4. And parents try to get you a “new” outfit – brand new with tags (as they say on eBay) or new simply because you’ve never won it.

And so many more reasons. So yes, I knew it was Christmas time.

What early memories do you associate with Christmas?

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