No Teachers Today, Still The Teaching Continues

I got this text message yesterday:

REMINDER TO ALL PARENTS: School is closed to children tomorrow Wednesday 30 November due to industrial action.

This means that my super-mummy skills will be put to the test.

humor fingers depth of field buddies - Wallpaper (#924441) /

That'll be me in the middle with my no-nonsense outfit, directing and engaging 2 kids - ALL day!

We’ll start light and see how the day goes.

  1. Make pancakes. That’s a good interactive activity for a 5 year old.
  2. Make Christmas cards.  Good handwriting practice for everyone – I know I need handwriting practice.
  3. Visit the post office. That’ll actually be an excuse to stop somewhere for some ice-cream, but I hope we get our creations posted.
  4. Learn about God. The Watch Tower ladies have already been and left me with some literature titled What Should Children Learn About God?
  5. Excuse me, Sorry, Please, Thank you, You’re welcome. My youngest is in for a big lesson today.

Lord, you know you’re good! To my fellow parents who are home with the kids today, good luck! 🙂

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