Be You – You Are A Masterpiece


Be-YOU-tiful, because You are beautiful enough. Image from

One of my friends on Facebook put up the words below:

“I’m a work in progress. I may not be perfect nonetheless i AM a masterpiece. A beautiful unique complete unfinished piece of The Master’s work!”

You can read the rest of this post here. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Be You – You Are A Masterpiece

  1. Unami says:

    I so agree with your comment about ‘masterpiece settings’ and the need to not ignore them. It makes sense to me that if we have a clear understanding of who we are, what our limitations are and what our tendencies are then we will work within those limitations and not constantly be trying to change who we are.

    • UOpiyo says:

      The trick is knowing true limitations and not just imposing fresh ones on ourselves because that’s all we have ever known, that’s what we’ve been taught are our limits. As parents, our task is a huge one – while the world says many things, we have to make our voices loud enough to be the empowering force in our children’s life. It is well.

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