Setting Dream Goals With a Teenager

As we get closer to a new year and I evaluate this year and look for ways in which I can do better, I do end up trying to plan ahead. I don’t want to just ask what’s happened to the year, I want to look forward.

So I just got inspired by 14-year-old Clare Wineland of Claire’s Place Foundation

In the video below, 13 year old Claire talks about setting goals and achieving them. And even though she is younger than most of you who will read this blog post, that’s what makes what she says make sense. Anything more complicated than this will only keep us going in circles.

1. State the dream or goal.
2. Set your deadlines – very important.
3. What resources do you have?
4. Find what you need, the missing resources.
5. Get what you need and do it!

I need to work on speaking up and getting what I need, because more often than not, there are loads of people who are willing to help us reach our goals, if only we’d ask! So, even though it’s only 5 steps, which step is usually a big hurdle for you? Share it in the comments below.

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One thought on “Setting Dream Goals With a Teenager

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