The Preaching Was About Me

Birds Sing After A Storm

Birds Sing After A Storm

This month of November 2011, all preachings are focusing on praising God. Messages can be heard online at Winners Chapel London.

The pastor continued mentioning reasons for praising God before he started on some of the reasons why I (not we) don’t praise God. He spoke about the things that hinder me from praising God.

1. The spirit of heaviness

Is 61:3

It is a force or spirit that does not give me excitement about anything. It is a source of depression and other doubts. Whatever happens, I’d think: “is that it?! couldn’t you do better?! is that the best you can do?!” I ask these questions about everything. 😦

2. Fear and Doubt

The fear is that I won’t have enough faith to wait, and that if I wait it’ll be too late. I honestly don’t want to get to heaven and find out that my prayers are only then being answered.

Anyway, I know I have issues and I need help. My mind is wired all wrong. Any small step suggestions are welcome below in the comments section.

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