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No Teachers Today, Still The Teaching Continues

I got this text message yesterday:

REMINDER TO ALL PARENTS: School is closed to children tomorrow Wednesday 30 November due to industrial action.

This means that my super-mummy skills will be put to the test.

humor fingers depth of field buddies - Wallpaper (#924441) /

That'll be me in the middle with my no-nonsense outfit, directing and engaging 2 kids - ALL day!

We’ll start light and see how the day goes.

  1. Make pancakes. That’s a good interactive activity for a 5 year old.
  2. Make Christmas cards.  Good handwriting practice for everyone – I know I need handwriting practice.
  3. Visit the post office. That’ll actually be an excuse to stop somewhere for some ice-cream, but I hope we get our creations posted.
  4. Learn about God. The Watch Tower ladies have already been and left me with some literature titled What Should Children Learn About God?
  5. Excuse me, Sorry, Please, Thank you, You’re welcome. My youngest is in for a big lesson today.

Lord, you know you’re good! To my fellow parents who are home with the kids today, good luck! 🙂

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Applying The Golden Rule Online

"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud" by Maya Angelou

"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud" by Maya Angelou. Someone else will try to be a rainbow in yours. Such is a teaching of the Golden Rule.

I wrote previously about being a positive influence on the people around you instead of waiting for them to be that for you. Are you a Drain? Today, I am reminded of that great Bible scripture which says:

Luke 6:31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.

So this week, in order to not be a drain, I’m going to make positive comments on all the Facebook pages that I like (my list is not that long), starting with Kiki-Whispers. They need feedback on their website and I can spare 10 minutes to give them an opinion that will help them improve and continue the hard work.

So if you didn’t know how you could be of help to your friends and coleagues, support their efforts on Facebook and other social networks. And don’t forget to like Scents and Fragrances while you’re at it 🙂

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Are You A Drain?

 Be Careful by

Mama Box helping litle Box up. Be Careful by

I read something this morning from The Wisdom Keys Devotional by Mike Murdock. He says:

Those who cannot increase you will inevitably decrease you.

I didn’t even think of it in terms of other people, I wondered more about myself. Whether I increase the people in my life or if I’m just a drain. I hope from now on I make life better for them instead of always expecting something from them. You do get what you give – right?!

To the better human me!

Do you increase people in your life (after they read this they’ll be wondering about you!)? How can you be a plus to people around you today?

Your Life Is A Canvas

Life is a Canvas

Your Life is a Canvas...Make Sure You Paint Yourself A Whole Lot of Colorful Day. Image from

Be the master of your day(s).

What small thing could you do today to improve your:
1. Home
2. Job
3. Health
4. relationship?

Adopted from Oprah’s Life Class Lesson 9: You Are Responsible for Your Life.

Now, just do it.

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Be You – You Are A Masterpiece


Be-YOU-tiful, because You are beautiful enough. Image from

One of my friends on Facebook put up the words below:

“I’m a work in progress. I may not be perfect nonetheless i AM a masterpiece. A beautiful unique complete unfinished piece of The Master’s work!”

You can read the rest of this post here. Thank you.

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My Life Is So Much Better With Friends

Life Is Better With Friends

Life Is Better With Friends - birds on a wire

Thanks to all my friends – the people who kept me sane through my school years, and beyond.

I never knew I could be loyal and trusting until you. And although this wasn’t always so, I consider my sisters my closest friends.Thank you ladies.

And to my male friends, my husband says this all the time 🙂 “don’t be fooled, no guy wants to be just friends with a girl!” That always makes me laugh.

What’s the best advice you ever got from a friend?

Speaking Up for The Sisterhood – Tj Dema

Today being Friday, I could just as easily start off with the usual T.G.I.F, but…

I read these words a few days ago:

“Nobody is perfect, and nobody deserves to be perfect. Nobody has it easy. You never know what people are going through. Every one of us has issues. So don’t belittle yourself or anyone else. Everybody is fighting their own unique war.”

Today I share a poem by Tj Dema, highlighting our lives, or the lives of women we may or may not know. If this helps you look at a sister (or indeed any other person) in a different light and with more compassion, then that will be a good start.

Like Tj Dema Poetry/Spoken Word on Facebook.

How has this poem inspired you to act differently? Remember, inspiration is good, but action is way better.

Happy Friday 🙂

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To My Dear Sisters – A love Letter

I finally caught up and watched Black Girls Rock 2011. Tatyana Ali was given the Young, Gifted & Black honour and below is her acceptance speech. She reads out a letter that she wrote to her younger self.

These are words of truth, wisdom and encouragement.

Here Tatyana Ali Acceptance Speech here – if the video below is a no-show.

My addition to this great advice would be:

Love yourself – even if you think there are many who don’t, don’t be one them.

I’m a black girl and I rock!

Is there anything similar to Black Girls Rock in your community or country? If no, why don’t you start something? And what advice would you add to hers to give to your younger self?

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Setting Dream Goals With a Teenager

As we get closer to a new year and I evaluate this year and look for ways in which I can do better, I do end up trying to plan ahead. I don’t want to just ask what’s happened to the year, I want to look forward.

So I just got inspired by 14-year-old Clare Wineland of Claire’s Place Foundation

In the video below, 13 year old Claire talks about setting goals and achieving them. And even though she is younger than most of you who will read this blog post, that’s what makes what she says make sense. Anything more complicated than this will only keep us going in circles.

1. State the dream or goal.
2. Set your deadlines – very important.
3. What resources do you have?
4. Find what you need, the missing resources.
5. Get what you need and do it!

I need to work on speaking up and getting what I need, because more often than not, there are loads of people who are willing to help us reach our goals, if only we’d ask! So, even though it’s only 5 steps, which step is usually a big hurdle for you? Share it in the comments below.

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What’s Happened to 2011?

If Plan A doesn't Wokr

If PLan A Doesn't Work, The Alphabet HAs 25 More Letters! Stay Cool! Image from


Gosh, November is already at an end and I feel like I haven’t made a dent in my “plans” for 2011.

1. I haven’t read my 12 books. I lost steam on the reading sometime in July. I’m reading through Joyce Meyer’s The Confident Woman.

2. and are up and standing – I need them sprinting.

3. My pre-momma body still insists on staying hidden, even on this No Carb Tuesday. For this one, I may need to join a group and let my competitive spirit resurface.

4. The house rules are still not up, so it’s no wonder I keep repeating the same things to the kids. Dear Supernanny, Please Help!

I read somewhere that “planning is sometimes a form of procrastination,” and I admit I may have used it as such. For 2012 (there I go planning), I will have fewer goals and work them daily. After all, my days are numbered.

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